BH Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set Review

I am back with my first beauty post and it’s a review on the BH Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set!

Random fact: I am in love with everything rose gold! I was originally planning to buy the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set but it was a bit expensive and I just couldn’t find the heart to splurge on it. Yet. So when I saw this affordable set as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I opted to go with it for now. (Someday, Zoeva! Someday!) I ordered it last week from @makeovershop for only PHP 980.00 plus the standard shipping fee—not bad at all considering that it’s priced at USD 24.95 on

Together with its brown quilted case with a rose gold latch closure, the set comes with 15 brushes—3 face and 12 eye. They have rose gold ferrules, brown/bronze handles, and a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. Just like other brushes, these came with that “fresh from the factory” scent but was soon gone after washing them. I also experienced a little bit of shedding and stray hairs but nothing too serious. What made me happy was that the bristles are super soft! However, they are not that dense.

The face brushes were not my favorite because, again, they are not dense which made them a bit flimsy. I also personally prefer denser brushes for my face, so these were just “okay” brushes for me.

The eye brushes, though! These made my purchase a successful one because not only are they soft, but they are so easy to use and work with. My favorite ones have to be the two tapered blending brushes.

I feel like the set is missing a concealer brush and a buffing face brush. They should have just included one of those instead of the useless brow/lash grooming brush. What also irks me is the fact that the brush names were not indicated or written on the handles. That would have made it easier to identify which brush is which, but that’s just me.

Overall, I highly recommend this brush set from BH Cosmetics especially to those who are just starting with makeup. You can already do so much just with these brushes! Aside from being beautiful since it’s in rose gold, the bristles are very soft and it is totally worth it for its price!


  • elegant and classy-looking with the rose gold
  • very soft bristles
  • great starter brush set
  • great value for money


  • brush names not indicated


  • face brushes are not that dense

Final Rating: 8 out of 10

What other affordable yet good quality makeup brushes would you recommend? Please let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set Review

  1. Ah shoot! I’ve ordered this brush set and have been wondering about the density of face brushes and here you are saying they are okay xD
    What other brushes would you recommend? Have you ever tried any other Bh brushes?


    • Hello, Alice! Sadly, that is the truth about this brush set. But lemme know what you think of them when you get yours. 🙂 I haven’t tried any other BH brushes so far. I highly recommend Real Techniques! They’re great for their price.


  2. ! wow, I ordered their stippling brush because Bh brush looked weak and I’ve read that RT brush is just amazing!

    I’ve been thinking about professional sets (except MAC those are way too expensive) and what do you think? Should one assemble the set or buy a full set?


    • RT brushes are really good! Personally, I think it’s better to buy a full set first, then just buy individual brushes that you think you’ll need along the way. That way, you already have a few to start with. But that’s just me. 🙂


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